Ser Oswal Connell

Landed Knight and Sworn Sword to House Breakstorm


A skilled swordsman who uses a sword and shield combination. Anointed under the seven, and a capable manager of the hamlet near Storm’s Eye. Has a burning hatred for the Ironborn.


House Connell has been sworn to house Breakstorm since the time of Maegor the 1sts reign. Serving honourably and loyally, they were granted management of the Hamlet after the Great Spring Sickness swept through the lands and killed off most of the Breakstorms other vassals. 10 years ago, Ironborn raiders bearing the colours of Saltcliffe attacked the hamlet, killing both of Oswals parents. The attack was written off as brigands, however a small donation was paid to “Settle the Breakstorms fears.” Oswal remembers the captain of the raid however, and believes him to be the Saltcliffes master of arms. This hatred has been a dominating force in his life, and only recently has he been able to focus on anything long term other than revenge for his family and his townsfolk.

Ser Oswal Connell

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